About C.E.T.

The Center for Environmental Therapeutics is 501(c)(3) nonprofit international organization of clinicians and scientists dedicated to promoting research and applications of chronotherapeutics for depression, sleep disorders, daytime fatigue, and associated illnesses.

Formed in 1994, the Center is most widely known for its website,cet.org. Cet.org provides many free services for both the public, and professionals.

Our most popular features are self-assessment tools in 13 languages. More than a million people have used these tools to find out about their personal circadian rhythms, sleep, and mood, and to share this information with their doctors.

Our online shop also draws both the public and professionals.

Content developed for the public includes:

CET also hosts opportunities, and material, for professionals. These include:

In 2009, CET published the first clinical treatment manual in this field, Chronotherapeutics for Affective Disorders (Basel, Karger), with a grant from the Velux Foundation.

In 2010, CET formed an alliance of chronotherapy specialists, architects and mechanical and electrical engineers to design and produce next-generation treatment apparatus for installation in hospitals, homes, schools and the work place.

These distinguished experts— our Board of Directors and Medical/Scientific Advisory Board —dedicate their efforts as volunteers.

CET's educational programs are funded primarily by sales at its online store, and private donations.

Center for Environmental Therapeutics
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